Use your resources and I don’t mean money… be happy in the green without using much.

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Just received this letter this morning and it made me think…  There is so many things we offer each other in life and business.

No, resources are so much more than just money or lucky.  Both of those you have to make yourself!


“For now, use what you have;  time, talent, and abilities.” 

Yes, I just said that!


Hello mr.strickland my name is ***** and i w as wondering how could i get back into pursuing modeling if im a free a

Agent because it seems hard to find professional work and someone who will actually help u to succeed in that industry without a hidden agenda or telling to u invest a lot of money but don’t help u create.a.portfolio or give u jobs to.go on. So what would be a good place to start being that i don’t have any resources

Gil Strickland

Well money is not ever the only resource…  And it is the least valued one.  You also have time, talent, and abilities that you can use as a resource.

Search the name Amber Girggs; she is a free agent and does very well.

My biggest advise would be to network with people locally that may need a model from time to time.  Photographers, local dress shops, even small businesses that offer fashion related products or services. Meet them and become friends with them.  At all cost stay clear of any nude photos or anything risky at this level.  Make sure quality is top and nothing is shady.

I would start a blog also… offers free blogging services.  Blog about fashion on the local and national level.  It gets your name out there.



This is the OFFICIAL modeling and promo *Fan Page* for Amber Griggs.

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